San Miguel de Allende - Mexico

San Miguel de Allende have around 150,000 citizen in is located in the state guanajato in Mexico. The colonial architecture and a lot of churches make this town to a attractive sight. The small city is a quiet and relaxed place which is not crowded of tourist, but still offers a rich variety of nice hotels and restaurant. 


Parish Church is directly located in the main center and is a great example of the colonial architecture which creates the picture of the city. Zocalo is the center of San Miguel de Allende and is surrounded by restaurant, cafes and small shops. Museo de San Miguel de Allende documents the history of the region from ancient times through independence. Before it was a museum it was the house of Ignacio Allende who was a hero of the mexican revolution. Biblioteca Publica is the second largest bilingual library in Mexico. Mercado Ignacio Ramire is the main market, here you can find all kind of arts and crafts, the specialty of this market are the cheap rugs which are made from the indigenous people from the town..El Charco del Ingenio is a huge nature reserve with a variety of native vegetation. The hotel offers a restaurant which have average prices and good food. 


Casa Schuck Boutique Hotel is just a few meters from the main square away. The luxury hotel is may a little expensive but therefore is the service and the room excellent. The hotel offers a pool, rooftop terraces and a courtyard. The rooms are very clean and have beautiful furniture and nice decoration. Hotel Posada de las Monjas is locate din the center of San Miguel de Allende and offer clean and simple rooms for a fair price (around 40 USD). Parador San Sebastian is may the cheapest place (around 20 USD) to stay but still clean and nice. The Hotel offers own bathroom, a roof terrace and a garden. The fact that it is located just a few minutes from the main center make it to an nice hotel for very little money. 


21st of January is the birthday of Ignacio Allende who was the founder and a important person for San miguel de Allende. Therefore is a parade with small fairs and parties all over the town. 

Third Saturday in September is the biggest event which hold on over one week in the town. The main attraction of this festival are the bull and cock fights, street performance and of course music and dance. During the festival run the pamplonadas through the streets which are humans which carry a wood bull with fireworks on it. 

The weather 

San Miguel de Allende have all around the year a hot and dry weather. The town is just a little affected by the rain season. The winter can be cool in the mornings and evenings, but the sun is still shining.